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Mobile Magnifier

Mobile Magnifier is the first screen magnification software for mobile phones for the vision impaired. It enlarges and enhances all items of

the mobile phone display, automatically detecting and magnifying the area of

interest as the user navigates through the phone’s user interface.

 Product Highlights

Magnifies the screen up to 6 times
Optional Border to easily identify the magnification window, (size and colour selectable)

User selectable colour schemes including:

        • Black and White

        • Gray Low Resolution

        • Gray High Resolution

        • Color Low Resolution

        • Color High Resolution

        • Inverted colour

Easy to use; no training necessary.

  Several Hot Keys provide access to the most common features of the Magnifier.

  Auto zoom function.

  Different areas of display can be zoomed.

  Mobile Magnifier can be configured to start automatically when the phone is switched on

Price £90 including installation on your phone.

You should send your phone by recorded delivery for security and also so you can track the delivery.

We charge £5.00 for the return packing and recorded delivery.

Compatible Phones